What we do

We provide pre-engineered architect designed homes for commercial and private developments

Living Structures design, develop and construct residential and community buildings, and commercial properties. We can provide as few or as many of these services depending on the requirements of the client, making us a very flexible choice for a variety of projects.

Multi Unit Developments

As well as the multi-award winning Watermark development in the Cotswolds we are currently working on a holiday home site located in St.Agnes Cornwall, like the Watermark project this development will be of high end holiday homes but with a very contemporary aesthetic combined with real ecological endeavor. As well as providing design, manufacture and construction capabilities we have the knowledge and experience to advise on many other issues which contribute to making your development a success.

Bespoke Homes

While we have catalogues of many house-types and model “families” it is vary rare for a client to purchase a house off the shelf. More often we are working with your particular programmatical requirements and design references together with our architects and as importantly your site to design a home which works for you both logically and aesthetically.