Dwell Model Home

Prototype Housing

This house was designed by Joel Turkel an MIT architect we have and continue to work very closely with.

The Dwell NextHouse Model Home is a 5000 square foot, light-filled modern structure on a 13-acre site. The home has 4 bedrooms, 4.5 baths, and a kitchen/dining/living area with adjoining decks on the main level, family room and office. It includes unique design elements such as a secret loft above the Master Bedroom, a special screened deck off of the main level living room and large windows that show off the beautiful forest-like setting surrounding the home. It also incorporates Green elements and features cutting-edge design and products, furniture and accessories inside the home.

Formed from a simple volume and excavated to allow for ample light and ventilation, this house has been specifically designed to maximize volume and minimize exterior surface, thus reducing material use and heating and cooling needs.

The gallery above the living room simultaneously creates privacy and openness while providing regular access to exterior views through the day-to-day use of this space. Below the gallery, the suspended wall of glass is completely operable, allowing the entire living room to open to the outdoor terrace. A motorized insect mesh descends from the gallery above to transform the living volume into one large screened area. The double-height volume of the master suite floats amidst the trees, while a hidden staircase leads to the loft-office, forming a canopy above the bed.